Our beautiful jewellery is carefully made by hand which is why they should be handled with care and love.
We want you to be able to wear our items for a lifetime, so please keep a few things in mind:

All our accessories come in extra drawstring dust bags which you can use after receiving for storage to keep the dust away from them

Don't leave them in your bathroom. The damp atmosphere from showering etc. is not good for them

Don't go swimming or to the sauna wearing them

If you have makeup residue or other markings from wearing you can clean the surfaces gently with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Use a cotton swab for that.
excessevily cleaning with these solutions should not be done because it will destroy the surface or make it look dull

If you did choose Earrings covered with Acrylic or UV Gel just use a damp cloth to clean the surfaces
Do not use Acetone in this case.

If you have any other questions you can always contact us: